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MAN—the business of men’s grooming—is for barbers, hair stylists, skincare specialists, barber supply store owners and other beauty industry professionals that provide men’s grooming services or retail men’s grooming products.

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34 I M A N I FA L L 2 0 1 7 service station time for care and maintenance. Scott Serrata, Imperial Barber cofounder and master barber, agrees. "I make sure [a mustache] is something the client really wants to commit to," he says. "And I strongly recommend that he [sees a professional barber] or someone he trusts with his life." Because when someone who is known for having a rad mustache is suddenly clean shaven, the culprit, says Serrata, is often a trimming mistake! Care and Feeding Not only do mustaches need to be regularly trimmed, but they also require washing, combing and frequent feeding. There is nothing less attractive than an unruly, rough mustache fi lled with food and fl uff. Keeping a mustache in top shape requires "investing in the right products to maintain the look," says Amorim. Give your clients the advice they need to keep their mustache looking dapper. For example, "Keep that 'stache soft and supple with an oil or balm," offers Krumin. "And use a daily beard shampoo to keep skin and whiskers moisturized and smelling like a gentleman." It's also important to keep errant hairs at bay. Seeing a professional is the best way to keep a 'stache in check. Krumin recommends beard/mustache clients regularly visit their barber for a trim to keep things from getting unruly. Mustaches should be maintained with a weekly trim—preferably by a professional, says Arriola. But if the hair grows quite quick, men can trim their mustaches every other day at home. Author and psychologist Allan Peterkin's book One Thousand Mustaches: A Cultural History of the Mo is fi lled with the rich history and plenty of fun facts about the 'mo, including these: The average man with a 'mo touches it 760 times a day . In Eureka, Nevada, it's illegal for men with mustaches to kiss women. Mustaches may help protect against skin cancer, blocking 90 percent to 95 percent of harmful UV rays . MO FACTS MIX & MATCH When styling a 'stache, don't forget about the rest of your 'do. Master barber Russell Cordeiro offers this advice for styling when matching hair and mustache with 18.21 Man Made. "The Man Made Paste can be used for a looser, more natural look with a Magnum PI mustache or a more refi ned military style." "The Man Made Wash is a great cleanser that can be used on the hair and the body." "Use Man Made Pomade for a slicked- back retro greaser look with a goatee or a thick mustache for a Southern California low-rider look." COURTESTY OF 18.21 MAN MADE

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