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MAN—the business of men’s grooming—is for barbers, hair stylists, skincare specialists, barber supply store owners and other beauty industry professionals that provide men’s grooming services or retail men’s grooming products.

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HOLD THE WISE CRACKS Esthetician Julio Mendez opened Wax Man Spa & Salon in Chicago in 2013 with a clear agenda: Give male clients an anxiety- free place to address all of their grooming needs. "The idea came about from listening to clients at spas and salons I'd worked at in my early years," says Mendez. "The most consistent complaint from male clients was that they felt intimidated walking in and asking about spa treatments—and it didn't matter whether it was a women's salon or a men's spa offering cigars and whiskey." To counter than challenge, Mendez built a grooming destination for men on the promise to provide services with zero attitude. "That means when you walk into Wax Man Spa, there isn't a front desk team that blurts out that you're late for your butt wax," says Mendez. "We keep it professional, one by one, by appointment, so that we focus 100 percent on the client." The menu is clear and focused: Wax Man offers a full range of facials, many of which focus on exfoliation to address men's typically thick dermal surface, and eyelash tinting is also available. But it's mainly all about hair trimming and removal—and no stone is left unturned, so to speak. Asked about Wax Man's most popular services, Mendez doesn't hesitate to reply, "Male Brazilian; Shaft, Sack & Crack Wax; and Just the Crack & Manscaping have consistently been our most requested services since we opened." And there's no lack of business: Wax Man reportedly takes care of about 2,000 consistent clients. That loyalty speaks volumes about Wax Man's services, but also the owner's commitment to taking men's grooming seriously. "We educate our guys on issues such as sun care and skin cancer, and how skin is their body's fi rst line of defense," says Mendez. "Besides that, I am super-strict about keeping a clean, sanitized, neat spa." Having recently renewed his lease for another four years, Mendez is grateful to continue to provide a valuable service for his fellow Chicagoans. And the business continues to grow. "After four years it still makes me laugh when someone calls and asks, 'Do you do waxing for men?'" he says. "We couldn't be more transparent or upfront about what we offer!" 14 I M A N I W I N T E R 2 0 1 8 MAN on tap FROM LEFT: COURTESY OF WAX MAN SPA AND SALON; VLADIMIR GODNIK By Linda Kossoff INDUSTRY BILL OF HEALTH You probably already know this, but business is booming in the men's grooming industry. Consider these highlights from recent consumer and marketing reports based on 2016 fi ndings. It's hip to barber. Barbering is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States. The National Association of Barber Boards of America estimates the current growth rate of licensed barbers in America at 10 percent. Shaving products sales looking smooth. In 2020, sales for shaving products are expected to grow to $18.1 billion, an increase of $3.3 billion over 2016 sales. Keep an eye on skin. Men's interest in facial skin care is deepening and there's a lot of room for growth: Only about a quarter of men currently use it regularly. (Help make them change this bad habit!) Retail now a man's game. Guys have begun to outspend women in the retail arena and that trend is expected to continue in what some analysts are calling a consumer "menaissance." Men's cuts are like clockwork. You can expect a male consumer to get a haircut about six times a year, with the vast majority paying an average of $23 per visit. Sources: Allied Market Research, Forbes,, Statista,

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