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MAN—the business of men’s grooming—is for barbers, hair stylists, skincare specialists, barber supply store owners and other beauty industry professionals that provide men’s grooming services or retail men’s grooming products.

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Linda started in the beauty industry in 1997, and she is a licensed Cosmetology Teacher in Pennsylvania. With a passion for learning as much as teaching, she has trained with companies such as Nioxin, Sexy Hair, Paul Mitchell, and American Crew, and attended Temple University as an Education major. As a Sport Clips Area Coach since 2011, Linda works with stylists to hone their technical skills and provide excellent service to Sport Clips clients. Follow Linda on Instagram @lindacas_hair Artistic In oducing this ye 's When BrittanyƂTUVUVCTVGFYQTMKPIKPVJG%QUOGVQNQI[YQTNFJGTRCUUKQP was color. After almost 2 years of working in a Salon in her hometown in 1MNCJQOCUJGTGCNK\GFVJCVKVYCUXGT[FKHƂEWNVVQDWKNFCENKGPVGNG5JG became discouraged and started to consider other career opportunities. She found herself working at Sport Clips because she needed stability. 0GGFNGUUVQUC[KVYCUPQVJGTƂTUVEJQKEGCUJGTEQPƂFGPEGKPJGTJCKT cutting ability made her dislike cutting all together. After a short amount of VKOGJQYGXGTYKVJVJGJGNRQHJGTVGCOUJGUVCTVGFVQDGEQOGEQPƂFGPV with her technical skills and became very passionate about the art of men's hair cutting. She has been with the company now for 6 years and has become an educator for Sport Clips and a member of the Artistic Team. Follow Brittany on Instagram @brittanyshearz Erin graduated from the Continental School of Beauty in Rochester, NY in 2009. After working for a full service salon she found her true calling with Sport Clips in 2010. Erin started as a team member behind the chair, quickly working her way up to Northeast Area Coach and is currently the Area Operations Director. Erin believes that due to her go-getter attitude and outgoing personality, she was given the incredible opportunity to be a member of the 1st Sport Clips artistic team. She is honored to remain with the team as it moves into its 4th consecutive year, and is looking forward to spreading her enthusiasm for Sport Clips while inspiring others in the industry to reach their ultimate goals. Follow Erin on Instagram @closecutter AshleeITCFWCVGFHTQO2CWN/KVEJGNN6JG5EJQQNKP5RTKPIƂGNF /1KP#HGYOQPVJUCHVGTVT[KPIVQƂPFJGTPKEJGKPJGT craft, she found Sport Clips and began her career in 2009. She worked her way through management and in 2014 was given the opportunity to become an Area Coach (Trainer/Educator) for parts of MO, AR, and OK. Shortly into her Coaching %CTGGTUJGYCUEJQUGPVQDGQP5RQTV%NKRUoXGT[ƂTUV#TVKUVKE Team. Ashlee feels like she was called to be a Coach and Artistic Team Member to help inspire those in the industry to always lead the path they choose. She was named Sport Clips Coach of the Year in 2017, which was led by her extreme passion for motivating others to never get up. Follow Ashlee on Instagram @asheemerri Tyffani attended Regency Beauty Institute and became a licensed cosmetologist in April of 2014. While in school, she knew she wanted to pursue a career doing men's haircuts. She started her career with Sport Clips shortly after becoming licensed. With drive and determination, she quickly moved up within the company becoming an Area Coach for Eastern Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan. The values and culture of Sport Clips is like no other and she is truly honored to be part of such an amazing company that allows her to educate and help others on their path to being successful with Sport Clips. Follow Tyffani on Instagram @t_fadez7 Tyffani Allen

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