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MAN—the business of men’s grooming—is for barbers, hair stylists, skincare specialists, barber supply store owners and other beauty industry professionals that provide men’s grooming services or retail men’s grooming products.

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8 I M A N I W I N T E R 2 0 1 8 to the point Making a Difference As barbers and stylists, you touch not only the hair, but also the hearts and minds of everyone who sits in your chair. By helping your clients look good, you help improve their self-confi dence. By listening to their struggles, you help them face the world stronger. And, sometimes, by sharing their stories, you change the world. I recently came across an Instagram post from Andy Mendoza (@andyauthentic), a barber at Fresh Factory Barbershop in Bristol, Connecticut. The images were haunting: A young woman with bruising and half-shorn lilac hair stared back at me with a soft smile. As tragic as the photos were, the last one was, for me, the most moving. In it, the woman is transformed— her hair is completely shaved with an Aztec-inspired sun design etched onto the side. Her profi le pose is defi ant, strong— she is the victor and not a victim. EDITOR'S NOTE Mendoza says that the young woman's boyfriend had cut off her hair during the attack. "I offered help fi nding a good wig," Mendoza says, "but she wanted nothing to do with that. So once I knew she was going to commit to short hair, I gave her a three-month outlook on what we would do, and how her hair would take shape. She was excited, and I assured her it would look great every time!" She chose the fi nal design, and was fully onboard with Mendoza sharing her story. The post has garnered loads of attention and emotional feedback. Many praised her bravery, while others thanked Mendoza or shared their own stories of overcoming abuse, including @pinkpistl30, who was nearly shot by her then-husband. "Because of this experience I changed my dream and became a hairdresser to help others feel beautiful and empowered," she wrote. Mendoza believes it's important to help victims of abuse speak up. "As a son of a woman who suffered domestic abuse, I urge [anyone] who is being abused to please, tell someone!" he says. "The effects of abuse extend beyond the bruises, beyond the tears. They haunt all who are involved. It's a problem that needs to be heard." For more info on how you can help those experiencing domestic abuse, or even ways that you can recognize warning signs of abuse, check out the Cut It Out program from the Professional Beauty Association ( AMY DODDS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Five Reasons to Use Natural Products Your skin is your body's largest organ, so it's important to treat it right, and that includes using natural products for your face and body. Why? Here are fi ve key reasons: 1 To reduce irritation and dehydration. Many skincare products contain harsh chemicals that can lead to dryness, redness, dullness and even premature aging. Lucky Tiger formulates its premium paraben-free, gentlemen's skin and body products with the purest essential oils and natural botanicals. And they've been doing it for more than 80 years. 2 Natural products are time- tested. There is an abundance of tried-and-true plant sources capable of cleansing, clearing, tightening and brightening skin. For instance, Lucky Tiger's aloe- and jojoba-rich Premium Men's Face Wash and its hibiscus, honey and green tea-fortifi ed Premium Exfoliating Face Scrub draw from the properties of these natural ingredients. 3 You don't need a dictionary to understand what's in them. There's nothing healing about a product whose ingredient label you can't even pronounce. Instead, you can nourish your skin with Lucky Tiger Head to Tail Shampoo and Body Wash, made with pure peppermint, olive and coconut oils, and antioxidant- rich rosemary extract. Even the Head to Tail Deodorant & Body Spray contains essential oils from botanicals like vetiver, rosewood and spearmint. 4 Unnatural products can cause breakouts! The chemical agents used in largely synthetic skincare lines might attract dirt and free radicals to skin, resulting in blemishes and early signs of aging. Lucky Head to Tail Acne & Blemish Soap delivers soothing aloe vera and healing sulfur to help gently clear up acne and prevent future breakouts. 5 Going natural can be easy on the wallet! With high quality natural ingredients, less product is needed. And, not all good-for-you products have to break the bank. Lucky Tiger skin- and bodycare products deliver premium quality without a premium price, plus free shipping on orders over $75. Natural grooming products are in fashion for a reason—or fi ve! For more information, visit or call 1-800-222-8160 . ADVERTORIAL COURTESY OF ANDY MENDOZA, @ANDYAUTHENTIC "I defi nitely wanted the fi nal photo to take focus away from her injuries and showcase her clean slate," Mendoza says. "This photo is a refl ection of her strength."

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